How To Lose Financial Fat: Start A Budget

Another thing I came to realise after when my wife, and I did our first budget together and compared it against our actual transaction history was just how much we spent on fast food/takeaways!

When I saw how much I had spent my wife pointed to my belly and gave me that assuring nod of “and we can all see where that investment has gone”.

So seeing that this was a budget killer my wife decided I take some healthy food for lunch.

Me: Like jam sandwiches?

(crickets chirping)

Me: Like honey sandwiches??

(crickets chirping)

Me: Ham sandwich?

Wife: Yes, or maybe tuna sandwiches. You have a sandwich press at work don’t you?

Oh yes, I thought, the communal sandwich presser which everyone using it needs to call the fire department just to be able to pry it open. That sandwich presser.

Me: Ahh, yes.

Wife: Excellent! I’ll make your lunch just like the kids and then when you leave for work in the morning you can take it with you.

I could just picture the staff room kitchenette with one of my kids Star Wars lunchboxes, being the laughing stock of everyone around.

Oh, this ain’t gonna happen.

So early the next morning I crept out to work early only to conveniently forget to take my new lunch box.

Wife text: I think you forgot something?

Me text: What?

Wife text: Does this look familiar?


Me text: Oh yes, sorry! Forgot! Old habits are hard to break.

(chowing down what could be my last burrito)

The next day my wife made sure I took my new lunch. Canned tuna, and a couple of slices of bread.


But then she reminded me, “Remember the budget!”

Eww yes. Those burritos were costing a pretty penny each day and of themselves they weren’t expensive, but in the course of a month and the year and then a decade they really do add up.

The hardest adjustment was to come though – telling work colleagues that I wouldn’t be hanging out with them at lunch and instead would be in the cage with the sandwich presser.

And after the initial shock they all came round.

The benefits in taking my own meal were fourfold:

  • Saved money
  • Lost weight
  • Gained foresight (need to prepare your lunch ahead)
  • Influenced others

So what do you take to work for lunch?